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Galipán on the northern slopes of Cerro El Avila Venezuela

San Isidro de Galipán is a town located on the northern slopes of the central stretch of the Cordillera de la Costa, north of Caracas, Venezuela, in the highest area called "El Avila National Park." The town of Galipán belongs to the state of Vargas despite maintaining a fundamentally linked to economic and cultural relations Caracas which is approximately 21 kilometers away.

Galipán is located on the northern slope of Cerro El Avila and is famous for its flower farms and varied restaurants. It dates back more than 200 years ago when settlers from the Canary Islands were established on the northern slope of El Avila in a large expanse of rugged terrain.

San Isidro de Galipán is one of the five sectors whose names have hagiographic source, ie, on the name of the patron saints. Thus, the sectors are: San Isidro, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Jose and Manzanares.

In the 50s, during the presidential term of Marcos Perez Jimenez, it was built the Caracas / Litoral cable car system, its first section connected to the city of Caracas with the Avila mountain and the second section connected to the hill Avila Galipán and Macuto, being an effective system of transport and tourism to the area.

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